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April 7, 2009

Expected MH-CET Cutoffs

So now that the results are out, we have up with likely cutoffs for Home Univ, Other Univ, OMSAll Home and Other Univ cutoffs are for OPEN Category { CAP ROUND 1 only}

College Name : JBIMS

Home University: 182-183

Other University: 182-183

OMS: 188-189

College Name :Sydenham MMS

Home University: 177-178

Other University: 171-172

OMS: 185-186

College Name : Sydenham PGDBM

Maharashtra Candidate: 172-173

OMS: 183-184

College Name : KJ Somaiaya MMS

Home University: 170-171

Other University: 169-170

OMS: 183-184

College Name : Welingkar MMS

Home University: 170-171

Other University: 165-166

OMS: 180-181

College Name : PUMBA

Home University(Pune): 144-146

Other University:155-156


College Name : SIES

Home University: 166-167

Other University: 158-159

OMS: 174-175

College Name : Dalmia

Home University: 163-164

Other University: 149-150

OMS: 174-175

College Name : MET

Home University: 160-161

Other University: 148-149

OMS: 168-169

College Name : Chetana

Home University: 159-160

Other University:151-152

OMS: 170-171

College Name : Xaviers

Home University: 158-159

Other University: 146-147

OMS: 171-172

College Name : IES

Home University: 157-158

Other University: 144-145

OMS: 165-166

Rizvi :149 - 150

Thakur Institute : 145 - 146

VIVEKANAND : 144 - 146

St. Francis : 140 - 142

Atharva : 140 - 142

Gurunanak : 139 - 141

Singhad : 132

Indira : 131

Anjuman-I-Islam's : 130 - 132


  1. I thing these are high by 8 to 10 marks

  2. Pls note that these are CAP Round 1 cut offs

  3. This is last year cutoff. This year toppers are in range of 160. so expect lower cutoff at 150

  4. Please explain me this..

    For almost every college in Mumbai, the 'Other University' cut off is lower than the 'Home University' cut off.... unlike PUMBA.

    In PUMBA, the OHU cut off is much much higher than the HU cut off, why this?

    And according to the statistics of this year, what do you think should be the cut off for PUMBA, OHU n HU.. plz.. :)

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Pls note that these are CAP Round 1 cut offs...the cutoffs are expected to be much lower as we move to the later stages

  7. @ Saad Shaikh

    For colleges in Pune the OHU cutoffs tend to be higher than the HU cutoffs....hence PUMBA is no exception....also cutoffs for PUMBA is likely to be the same as mentioned above

  8. Hey for OBC Candidates by how many marks is the cutoff less than open....

  9. Check the OBC cutoffs in the link below :

  10. according to provisional merit list i have scored 172.will i be able to get welingkar mms,course.and i am not geting what is home univ n what is other univ. n what is oms?????????

  11. reply me fast sahil.......

  12. my All India Merit Marks Score is 172


    All India Merit No is 175

    which will be counted cut me i am confused

    sahil here/,,

  13. Dude trust me JBIMS sure shot its 182 and below but not above it...
    These year cut off will be lower,,Do analyze ur self with last year cutoffs and the marks and merit no. secured by current aspirants...

  14. last year dalmia cut off was 161 marks and 669 rank...this year 669 rank has marks sumwhere arnd 155...analyze ur self guys....

  15. hv scored from HU and belong to open chances of getting even a decent coll...plz screwed big time in my GD....merit list no.2037.....plzzzzzzzzz tell me which coll shd i apply if there are ne options

  16. hello my score is 136,,and all india score is 141,,,where can i resonably thing of getting a seat?

  17. merit list no is the rank???????

  18. my merit list no is 175 so my rank is 175?????

  19. all indian ranking is 1375........................ana equivalent total cet score is 141/ i hv any chances of getting atleast some good college in mumbai or pune? plzzzz help me out

  20. when is the cap round expected to start........................plzzzzzzzzzz reply

    y is it talking so long...

  21. my score is 162
    wt r d chances of colleges dat i can get
    in 1st round n even in third round too
    plz help

  22. cud u plz giv d ct off of the third round last yr

  23. i think this is lower than expected cut off by 10 marks

  24. i have got 152 marks.
    what are my chances for PUMBA?

  25. get lost comments

  26. heyyy guys,i got 198 marks,though its less dan d expcrtation i think i shall get in vjti.i got 345 in aieee,i thinki u guys shud do bsc ,u guys cant do engg.stop dreamin idiots...........

  27. hey all abow is not as expected cut off for this year

  28. my score is 97 and state general merit no is 7371. Where in Maharashtra will i get admission??

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