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April 7, 2009

Interview Tips

Some tips to help you prepare for an interview:

Review your application; the interviewer is likely to ask specific questions about it.

Be ready to provide examples and specifics : to elaborate on info on your resume and application.

Be open and honest :

Ask questions, since the interview is as much an opportunity for you to learn about the school as for the school to learn about you.

Follow proper business decorum.

Watch your nonverbal clues, such as eye contact, posture, and fidgeting.

Be courteous to the administrative staff : Since how you treat them can have an impact (positive or negative).

Some Frequently Asked Questions on Interviews :

"Tell us about yourself"

Opening statement needs to be a summary of your goals, overall professional capabilities, achievements, background (educational and family), strengths, professional objectives and anything about your personality that is relevant and interesting. Make sure you lead the interviewer in the direction you want him to go :

eg. If your Work Experence is your strong point make sure u speak the most and also conclude your speech with inputs on the same.

What do you know about our organization?

Research the target company before the interview. Basic research is the only way to prepare for this question. Do your homework

What is your weakness?

Turn the question to a positive one

eg.Tell them that you tend to overdo things a bit.Like sit late at work and sometimes even ignore family a bit.Hence you need to learn to prioritize

Some more questions :

How do you determine or evaluate success ?

What do you consider to be your greatest strength ?

What qualifications do you have that makes you think you will be successful ?

Did you ever have problems with your supervisor ?

How has your education prepared you for a career ?

What have you learnt form your mistakes ?

How would you describe the ideal job for you ?

Many ask me the following question :

Is it better to have a longer selection interview or a shorter one?

The length of an interview in no way is an indicator of how well an interview went. This is especially so when there are a number of candidates to be interviewed eg, the MBA entrance interview.

More to come from me


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