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May 31, 2009

How to prepare for a gd

Group Discussions :

Many institutes are now making group discussion as the first criteria for screening the candidates for interviews.Hence if you can't clear then then you ain't going any further.So lets discuss them in detail
Why GD's :
  • GD's have become popular as they serve as an excellent means for mass elimination!!!
  • Also they can test an individual on the the major skill sets that are needed eg.
  1. Communication skills,
  2. Reasoning ability,
  3. Leadership skills,
  4. Ability to think on ones feet

Some must Do’s in a GD :

Initiate the GD:

  • Initiating the GD shows your leadership skills. But keep in mind - Initiate the group discussion only when you have understood the GD topic clearly and have some knowledge on it. Speaking without proper subject knowledge is a complete no no.
Seek clarifications :
  • If you have any doubts regarding the subject before the discussion commences please seek for clarifications.
Listen :
  • Pay attention while others are speaking and if you do not have much to speak on the topic try to relate things from what others are speaking, this can indeed be a life saver.
Keep it short and simple :
  • You will not get selected on the basis of how much you speak but on what you speak.Hence rely entirely on quality.
Intervene :
  • If and only if you think that the GD is going off track then please do not hesitate to interrupt but in a polite way
Speak clearly:
  • Speak politely and clearly. Use simple and understandable words while speaking. Don’t be too aggressive if you are disagreeing with someone
Eye contact :
  • Looking at the evaluators is the biggest mistake that people do. Keep eye contact with every team member while speaking and not the evaluators.
Time to organize thoughts :
  • Don’t suddenly jump to any conclusion. Think before you speak so that you don’t speak anything irrelevant to the topic being discussed.
Conclude :
  • If the evaluators have given your group time to conclude then grab the opportunity but make sure you do so periodically.

Also many ask me on how to deal with an unknown topic in GD ?
  • Listen and first and try to relate things accordingly
  • Make up your mind on some issues that were discussed and elaborate on them. Don't take rigid stands.
  • Take your chance to sum up the GD to show that you were an active participant and a listener


Finally some tips on how to ruin your GD :

  • Start shouting right from the beginning. This way you can make sure that no one gets a chance to speak anything. Also, you should make sure that if someone else also shouts, you should make aggressive and threatening gestures. A fist can be useful.
  • Keep changing your stand continuously.
  • Always contradict what others have to say.
  • Maintain a sardonic smile on your face throughout the GD. This way you will be able to tell the examiners that you are much superior to the other members of the group.
  • Ask some other members of the group to shut up.
  • Use your pet words like “Yaar” etc. This will lend a touch of ethnic elegance to the whole affair.
  • Laugh loudly and heartily. This shows that you are jolly person.
  • Point out the errors of others and make fun of them.
  • Keep yawning from time to time. Maintain a blank look on your face.
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Feedback would me much appreciated

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    u can make a chat box here so that we can have discussion on current topics.

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