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May 28, 2009

Palmistry mounts on hand


In the previous chapter we discussed about the major lines in palmistry.Refer below for the same

  • The mounts are raised areas within your palm which like astrology are linked with the qualities associated with the planets.
  • If you cup your hand slightly and look down through your wrist into your palm you will be able to see the mounts as slightly raised areas looking like hills rising up around your palm
  • As indicated in the figure below the mounts are shown in red color.
  • The major mounts are : Mount of Jupiter, Saturn, Apollo, Mercury and Venus. Lets look at them in detail.

Mount of Jupiter :

  • Mount of Jupiter is situated at the base of the index finger. It represents power, leadership, organization and authority.
  • The Jupiter finger can be looked upon as the trigger finger.
  • A high set Jupiter finger is an indication of a high need to feel respected
  • Persons with well-developed mount of Jupiter are always prepared to help others.
  • Persons with over developed mount of Jupiter are selfish and proud
  • Persons with no mount of Jupiter will have none of the qualities as mentioned above

Mount of Saturn :

  • Mount of Saturn is situated below the middle finger.
  • Positively expressed Saturn can be prudent, responsible, cautious, serious, practical, solid, constructive, patient and self disciplined. Negatively expressed Saturn can be fearful, cranky, irritable, mean, limited, uninspired, dull, selfish, despondent,acquisitive, materialistic, dogmatic and depressive
  • It is preferable to see no development of the actual Saturn mount

Mount of Apollo :

  • The ring finger and the mount just below it are ruled by the Sun and know as mount of Apollo
  • This mount is associated with success happiness and achievement.Hence a person with well developed mount of Apollo is associated with fame.
  • They are of cheerful nature and work in close co-operation with friends.
  • Sometimes a vertical line is present on the this mount. This is also known as the success line.The line is not present in every hand but when it is it is a sign of happiness and achievment

Mount of Mercury :

  • The little finger and the mount just below it are ruled by Mercury.
  • Person with well developed mount of Mercury would be interested in inventions and have an aptitude towards sciences
  • A star on the Mount of Mercury indicates a successful professional career.
  • A cross on the mount indicates diplomacy

Mount of Venus :

  • The mount that forms the ball at the base of the thumb is ruled by Venus.
  • Venus is associated with love, passion and appreciation of beauty
  • Person with well developed mount of Venus are always an attraction to the opposite sex
  • A cross on the Mount of Venus indicates the person will find true love in their life
  • A star at the base of the Mount of Venus indicates trouble in finding true love in life.


  1. Wow dude...u explain these very clearly....thanks for sharing your knowledge :)

  2. moon and mars should also be discussed

  3. Detailed analysis and writing it within your blog post which is really helpful to know about the mounts on our hand. Thank you so much for the sharing. Kalpana Srikaanth astrologer | Best astrologer in Coimbatore


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