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April 8, 2010

Rocket Singh

Corporate Lessons from Movie "Rocket Singh"

Lesson # 1 : Not everyone gets motivated equally by money

People cannot get convinced by money always. As managers, we need to persuade, converse, negotiate and engage our team members. A person can get motivated by monetary as well as non-monetary items too. Some people just need sweet words and recognition for the work done. Hence, money should be used only where required.

Lesson # 2 : The right attitude is required to thrive sales

Just having bookish knowledge does not make a great salesperson (an influencer, a persuader and negotiator). To be a great salesperson, he needs to have right aptitude-an aptitude of empathy, an aptitude to see beyond the obvious.

Lesson # 3 : “Disturbing” others is pre-requisite to be salesperson

Asking (or disturbing people) is pre-requisite to become a great salesperson. He should be an extrovert. If he is hesitant to break the ice, start conversations and ask for help and guidance and engage people in discussions, he then needs to cultivate people skills. Great salespeople come one step forward, after saying hello, they confidently say, “Can you please help me”?

Lesson # 4 : The greatest secret of success in business - Satisfied Clients

In today’s era, providing customer Service 24/7 is very essential. In order to thrive and excel in the business, organizations need to cultivate a service culture across the board. A customer is a King. Delighted and satisfied customers are your ambassadors and their referral can generate more business. A company incurs 5-6 times the cost to gain a new customer.

Lesson # 5 : Encourage Participative Management

If associates are treated like partners, they will own the organization. Allow them to grow as the company grows. If humans are treated as Resources and Capital meant to be consumed and used, they will act like leaches sucking away the vital veins of the organization and reaching out to the bone marrows. Sales & Marketing people employed on fixed salary work from 9 to 5. If they are partners in the profitability, they will sell even in dreams and will become killer sales machines……timeless and spaceless. Mediocres become Masterminds when they are involved.

Lesson # 6 : Everyone is born with potential of ‘vice & virtue’

Every employee has both the qualities……the qualities of Rising & Falling in career. Which quality is dominant, determines your destiny. Certain attitudes will put a gravitational pull on you while others will make you ‘sky’s the beginning’ type.

Lesson # 7 : Higher the risk, higher the profits

Jumping out of comfort zones, taking initiatives and playing with risks is what makes the difference. If you are stuck in the grooves of ‘safety’, you end up nowhere. The road from Good to Great is paved with taking initiatives. The biggest risk in life is to avoid the risk. No profit can be made without taking risk. All successful people like Sir Richard Branson, Mr.Ratan Tata, Mr.L.N.Mittal – all have a great appetite for risk.

Lesson # 8 : A Great Team leads to a Successful Organization

Great organizations are built by great teams and not by accident. Teams are built by reinforced trust, mutual respect, sharing and caring. The trust deficit among the team members erodes the team spirit. Build a great team; build a great organization.

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